Common questions about AccuFACE

1. How many users can be stored on AccuFACE?

AccuFACE have several models and versions with different user capacities. The latest EFR-T5 series can store up to 20,000 users.

2. If user wears hat, have moustache or make up, can AccuFACE recognize the user?

Yes. The key features of the face (like nose and eyes) are considered more significant in algorithm. Thus, hat or moustache won't affect the recognition. Also, regular make-up will be filtered because of the use of Infrared sensing technology.

3. If user face changes because of aging or gaining weight, can AccuFACE recognize the user?

Yes. AccuFACE has built-in “active learning” capability that learns user face over time and resolves issues related to minor facial changes due to aging, gaining or losing weight.

4. How long does it take to recognize user?

Within 1 second in general.

5. Can AccuFACE work with an existing security system (card reader, access controller…)?

Yes, AccuFACE supports different communication interfaces including Wiegand (input and output), RS-232, and RS-485 and can communicate with different security devices easily.

6. Would infrared lights emit from AccuFACE cause health hazards?

No. AccuFACE has much lower infrared power than sunlight. There are publications that confirm low power infrared is harmless to human.

7. What are the applications of AccuFACE?

Access control, time & attendance management and user authentication. AccuFACE can also be integrated in special applications including ATM, automated check-out counter, and storage cabinet (medicine, guns..) management.

8. Can AccuFACE recognize Twins?

Yes. User can increase the recognition threshold for users that are identical twins.

9. What is the power consumption?

Operation: < 12W; Sleep mode: <5W

10. How can AccuFACE operate?

Simply supply a DC power. It does not require external computer to operate.