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EasyManager 是一套完整且易用之CMS軟體,可用於在網路上集中管理多台的人臉辨識設備(EFR-T1/T2, FS, TA Series)。它能在Windows 的電腦上輕易安裝,無需特別安裝資料庫及設定系統資源。其功能包括:

  • 連線設備之即時監控
  • 管理者可集中管理用戶、統合事件紀錄、並管理設備
  • 備份及還原用戶模板、事件紀錄以及照片
  • 彙整記錄並產生門禁、差勤所需之報表

AccuFACE® Advantages

Key Features

Simple to Install and Operate

Backup All Events and Images of AccuFACEs

Manage Facial Templates between Multiple AccuFACEs

Device Management in 3-tier Location Scheme

Export Reports for Access Control and Attendance Management


Real-time Event Monitoring

  • Get instant alerts of system events from multiple AccuFACE devices
  • Delay of alert < 1 second
  • Display alerts in different colors based on the priority

Event Log Management

  • Backup all events including image snapshots and securely store them in the database
  • Search log by conditions, including User ID, Device, Event Type, and Date Duration
  • Sort log by Date, Location, Device, Event Type, User ID/User Name
  • Export image files
  • Export log to reports in standard CSV format
  • Generate printable report documents for attendance management

User Management

  • Enroll new users; edit and remove existing users
  • Download one or multiple user facial templates
  • Batch upload multiple user facial templates to multiple AccuFACE machines
  • User upload and download in the background
  • Manage user personal information in the database

Device Management

  • Add new devices; edit and remove existing devices
  • Classify device based on its installation location (Site, Level, and Room)
  • Display real-time system information of each device


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

PC with Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.6GHz or faster is suggested

RAM: 512MB or more

LAN: 10/100 Fast Ethernet

Display: 1024x768 or more

Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese